#10: Describe your ideal company, location and job.

TRAPS: This is often asked by an experienced interviewer who thinks you may be overqualified, but knows better than to show his hand by posing his objection directly. So he’ll use this question instead, which often gets a candidate to reveal that, indeed, he or she is looking for something other than the position at hand.

BEST ANSWER: The only right answer is to describe what this company is offering, being sure to make your answer believable with specific reasons, stated with sincerity, why each quality represented by this opportunity is attractive to you.

Remember that if you’re coming from a company that’s the leader in its field or from a glamorous or much admired company, industry, city or position, your interviewer and his company may well have an “Avis” complex. That is, they may feel a bit defensive about being “second best” to the place you’re coming from, worried that you may consider them bush league.

This anxiety could well be there even though you’ve done nothing to inspire it. You must go out of your way to assuage such anxiety, even if it’s not expressed, by putting their virtues high on the list of exactly what you’re looking for, providing credible reason for wanting these qualities.

If you do not express genuine enthusiasm for the firm, its culture, location, industry, etc., you may fail to answer this “Avis” complex objection and, as a result, leave the interviewer suspecting that a hot shot like you, coming from a Fortune 500 company in New York, just wouldn’t be happy at an unknown manufacturer based in Topeka, Kansas.
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Anonymous said...

Not really understood the question and answer well.

Can anyone more elaborate it with an example.

- Vidya

Anonymous said...

ya i too didnt understood both , the question and the answer..plz can anyone help to elaborate

Anonymous said...

i understood. it's common sense after all ;)

sanjay said...

ya i too didnt understood both , the question and the answer..plz can anyone help to elaborate

Dushyant Rewal said...

The best answer for this question can be like this. try to relate with your strengths.
Before telling you about my dream company I would like to tell you about my strengths, my strength are my honesty, confidence and my dedication. Whatever I will do, I will do with my 100% dedication. Well no any company is my dream company wherever I will work I do my best to create value to the organization and than that will be my dream company. It may be your company if I will get the opportunity to work with your organization.

Anonymous said...

@ "didnt understood both"

"Didn't UNDERSTAND " for heaven's sake !!!!!!
Most important thing b4 you appear is to get your grammer correct.

Anonymous said...

"One where I never have to talk to a HR bimbo ever again."

Anonymous said...

this is a tricky question , it can make an interviewer think that you wont be staying with them for long & probably looking for a job just because you are having some trouble with your employer or you are jobless person looking for a temporary position till you get another position of your standard.
The best way to cope this situation is assuring your new employer (honestly) that it is the money or nature of the work that is more important for you & you believe that there is much more growth for you in new company than you previous one, both financial & position wise.

Anonymous said...

whoever corrected the "grammer"....its "grammar" anyways

Abhi said...

Dushyants answer is nice... Thanks!!!

Texas said...

The point of the tip is to describe the target employer as your "ideal"; this is easier to do if you've done your research on getting to know about the company.

Kix Mr said...

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