#46: How many hours a week do you normally work?

TRAPS: You don’t want to give a specific number. Make it to low, and you may not measure up. Too high, and you’ll forever feel guilty about sneaking out the door at 5:15.

BEST ANSWER: If you are in fact a workaholic and you sense this company would like that: Say you are a confirmed workaholic, that you often work nights and weekends. Your family accepts this because it makes you fulfilled.

If you are not a workaholic: Say you have always worked hard and put in long hours. It goes with the territory. It one sense, it’s hard to keep track of the hours because your work is a labor of love, you enjoy nothing more than solving problems. So you’re almost always thinking about your work, including times when you’re home, while shaving in the morning, while commuting, etc.
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Anonymous said...

always say you are taskbound rather than timebound. That says it all.

Anonymous said...

Not to nit pick, but your comment of "shaving in the morning" came across to me as a tad bit sexist. People seem to expect these positions to be male dominated. It might have come across better as "getting ready in the morning". I know this sounds petty but as a woman in this field it made me roll my eyes and completely changed the scenario in my head as I was reading. And yes you could argue that I shave my legs in the morning but we both know that was not the original premise.

Kix Mr said...

Tks very much for your post.

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