#21: Would you lie for the company?

TRAPS: This another question that pits two values against one another, in this case loyalty against integrity.

BEST ANSWER: Try to avoid choosing between two values, giving a positive statement which covers all bases instead.

Example: “I would never do anything to hurt the company..”

If aggressively pressed to choose between two competing values, always choose personal integrity. It is the most prized of all values.
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Anonymous said...

Say... I can even die for your company!

Anonymous said...

The interview is my opportunity to learn about the company. This question casts doubts on the integrity of the company and makes me lose interest in the position.

Edututorials said...

Answer :

Sir, Actually I Don't Want to lie for the for the company, when ever if it is benificial for our company and if it does not effect others I may Lie, but not sure about it if it happen i will make sure my lie should not effect the organization in the Future.

Kix Mr said...

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