#57: What was the toughest part of your last job?

TRAPS: This is slightly different from the question raised earlier, “What’s the most difficult part of being a (job title…)” because this asks what you personally have found most difficult in your last position. This question is more difficult to redefine into something positive. Your interviewer will assume that whatever you found toughest may give you a problem in your new position.

BEST ANSWER: State that there was nothing in your prior position that you found overly difficult, and let your answer go at that. If pressed to expand your answer, you could describe the aspects of the position you enjoyed more than others, making sure that you express maximum enjoyment for those tasks most important to the open position, and you enjoyed least those tasks that are unimportant to the position at hand.
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Anonymous said...

Stupid answer.
I'm in HR, used to do recruiting. Acting like you're perfect is the stupidest way to conduct an interview.
Think of something that was truly hard.

Maybe if you work in a manufacturing environment it might be making time to speak one-on-one with laborers on a regular basis....

This advice above is awful. I like the other answers on other questions, but please don't take that to heart.

Anonymous said...

I didnt like this answer too.

Anonymous said...

Why not offer a situation where you struggled through an aspect of your job and grew or learned from it?

Anonymous said...

"In my last job as a secretary, one of the toughest aspects of my job was the high staff turnover. Often temporary assistants would be employed from a temp agency to suit the needs of the business and we'd have an average of two new assistants pass through our hands every month.

As the office's experienced secretary it would often be up to me to train new starters in using the software packages and to show them how to judge different types of data inputs. This training often left me with a high workload as my work also had to be completed.

To solve this, I took one day off to create a comprehensive training document (with the approval of my manager) with print screenshots and examples for new starters to use on their first few days. If required, the new starters could supplement this by asking me questions. This not only saved my time, but helped new starters to quickly grasp the new style of working"

This is entirely fictitious, but hopefully it's a better answer than "I'm perfect and find nothing tough whatsoever"

Kix Mr said...

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