#11: Why do you want to work at our company?

TRAPS: This question tests whether you’ve done any homework about the firm. If you haven’t, you lose. If you have, you win big.

BEST ANSWER: This question is your opportunity to hit the ball out of the park, thanks to the in-depth research you should do before any interview.

Best sources for researching your target company: annual reports, the corporate newsletter, contacts you know at the company or its suppliers, advertisements, articles about the company in the trade press.
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Abhi said...

Could anyone please elaborate on it if possible... It would be of great help :)

ゴリラ ゴリラ said...

The correct answer: "I don't know if I want to; that's why we are having this meeting."

Anonymous said...


1) Three reasons why I would like to work for your company are:

- Since your company provides a strong core competency, very strong value systems and best practices so I believe I have a strong vision of viewing myself as a project leader in your company.

- Your company has one of the fastest growth rates and turnover in the industry and that would mean a faster growth rate for me as a professional.

- The practices of your company are more employee and customer oriented.

SOURCE: http://uttambpt.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

@ゴリラ ゴリラ

Anonymous said...

fuck off

Vincent Paul said...

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Anonymous said...

and where does Archana mam lives

Kix Mr said...

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