#64: On a scale of one to ten, rate me as an interviewer

TRAPS: Give a perfect “10,” and you’ll seem too easy to please. Give anything less than a perfect 10, and he could press you as to where you’re being critical, and that road leads downhill for you.

BEST ANSWER: Once again, never be negative. The interviewer will only resent criticism coming from you. This is the time to show your positivism.

However, don’t give a numerical rating. Simply praise whatever interview style he’s been using.

If he’s been tough, say “You have been thorough and tough-minded, the very qualities needed to conduct a good interview.”

If he’s been methodical, say, “You have been very methodical and analytical, and I’m sure that approach results in excellent hires for your firm.”

In other words, pay him a sincere compliment that he can believe because it’s anchored in the behavior you’ve just seen.
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SPEEDO said...

What about saying that "I dont have that much experience so that i can judge people like you who are much more senior to me." (Well I am just 21 years old so might sound a bit funny for experienced ones)

Aryan said...

no i dont think so dat v cn answer as speedo said......
bt cn answer like..."Sorry, cant say bt it ws my best interview, dat hd wid u, such a gr8 senior.."

if he insist...den answer.."i wud rate u 10 out of 10..."

Anonymous said...

"I'll tell you my answer after I am hired."

Anonymous said...

man...i give u 11/10 ! you have been a god interviewer, i never have seen in my whole life.

Anonymous said...

Do any of you posters have a basic understanding of 6th grade grammar? Good lord, learn to write in the freaking language. wud? cn? bt? hd? Are you 4 years old?

Anonymous said...

"depends on the outcome of this interview."

Anonymous said...


With grammar like that, guess what, you didn't get the job. Remember..it's called professionalism. But I do hope you are the other person I am applying against

electronfusion said...

Wow. This is a really great question, and the type that tend to catch us off our guard.

To that last *anonymous* commenter: this is the internet (ie. "teh intarwebs", or "the tubes"). Hopefully no one applying for a corporate job would speak the way they type in a short comment on a blog. But if our web personae reflect our actual personalities, maybe you're a little condescending and quick to judge. That could probably hurt you career-wise.

Amber Hoth said...

If you do not have even the basic grammer skills needed to make a complete, understandable sentence, then PLEASE do not give "advice".

Kix Mr said...

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